Merry Christmas Everyone !!! Today I’ll show you 10 best music video effects tutorials inside the adobe premiere pro cc. That’ll help to make your videos stand out! And these effects are very easy to do.

Watch the tutorial here:

Using visual effects in your music videos is a great way to emphasize the feeling or message that the video is trying to convey. They can help you make your music video pop, make seamless transitions, and transport the viewer into another reality. So many music videos nowadays feature video effects. They make videos more original and allow you to do more with your video on a smaller budget. When working on music videos, as opposed to films, creators have the chance to be more creative and try out new things. Video effects for music videos are added while editing, which allows for the perfect opportunity to try new effects and styles. They’re easy to play around with and might be just the thing you need to make your music videos pop!

[su_heading size=”20″]GLOW EFFECTS & NEON SCRIBBLES[/su_heading]

Creating glowing scribbles to emphasize movement or add fun, quirky elements to your music videos can truly make them pop. While this can be done by drawing each and every squiggle or shape in your editing software of choice, these types of music video effects also come in convenient video effects packs.

These effects are usually done in bright, neon colors to stand out. The contrast between the live-action style of the music video and these bright lines and shapes creates a dynamic and awesome visual effect.

Glow effects for music videos are easy to add in and can give your videos a cool, 80s atmosphere. These types of effects have become wildly popular since BlotterMedia kicked off the trend by illustrating bright, glowing lines in videos of dancers.

[su_heading size=”20″]FREEZE FRAME EFFECTS[/su_heading]

There are various ways to create Freeze Frames in your editing software, and the process you choose will depend on the project and assets you have available. You might have a go-to method for creating freeze frames already, but in this tutorial, we’re going to take you through three easy and straightforward ways to make this powerful effect.

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